Tuesday 8 November 2022

What's new?

 Hello! It's been ten years since I started this blog, with  my friend's help. It kept me company for a few years. Then I nearly forgot about it.  It's popped up in front of me now so I thought I'll add the list of upcoming walks. Click here:  Talking and Exploring to join the next one and find out about the others.  For testimonials, check out here please: Google Maps

Thursday 16 September 2021

Isn't life whimsical indeed?


It's been a long time since I last posted here and I still haven't got a website. However, I've just been asked about one so I thought this blog has to do again. So much has changed since I wrote something here, for all of us...

My walks are now advertised on Eventbrite and I still post on Facebook. Our Ealing Walking, Talking and Exploring Group has well over 800 members! 

It was wonderful to meet West Twyford Primary School and Children's Centre parents in my conversation class for the first time since you know what!

Unfortunately, my Google account got full so I don't even know if I will manage to add this post.  

(The picture is from a year ago. Today we were by the canal i n Perivale and it was sunny!)

Monday 23 March 2020

Back to Whimsical Life

I've been meaning to start a new blog but, instead, as the life has entered the next whimsical phase, I may as well continue.
Corona-virus-19 has attacked us and and put everything upside down. I am not amused. Need to stay in isolation for two weeks now as I had some cough this morning. It may be because I choked on some food yesterday while enjoying togetherness over a Chinese take-way from the excellent nearby North China Restaurant in Uxbridge Road.
It was Mothering Sunday but despite the cloudless blue sky, people cannot go out and need to observe social distancing to avoid spreading the nasty virus.
The three of us in the flat have been extra cautious and self-isolating for a week because each of us qualifies as a vulnerable person due to underlying health conditions and/or age. Shopping is a problem now. We need to ask people to do it for us as the online deliveries are fully booked. Luckily, there are good people. They formed mutual support groups and we communicate via social media. It works great for us. A neighbour did some serious shopping for us last week. Not only that. We were treated to some homemade curry and her birthday cake! A few other people have been helping us as well.
I'm grateful!

It's especially hard on sunny days when it would be great to be out and about on my bicycle.

Chiswick House and Gardens

Friday 26 July 2019

A new life for Red Cross Garden

 If you find yourself south of the Thames between Southark station and London Bridge and have the time to explore, don't hesitate. You may find out about Octavia Hill and her work for others, learn about sacrifice and enjoy a beautiful garden recreated by volunteers.

Thursday 28 February 2019

Fat Thursday mentioned!

A proper heatwave in London but today I am working at home. Always so much to do.

I wrote the above sentence a few days ago. Today I came back from work in the rain but at the same time the sun was shining. The heatwave is over. Never mind, it's the last day of February, after all.

I cycled to class on a borrowed bicycle. Mine needs a new inner tube. Hopefully, it will get repaired today. I am very happy after today's English conversation class. A new student joined my group, a lady from Brazil, so it was an intercontinental class. There were students from Japan, China, Africa and Brazil! It had to be fun! We had a new student today and she wrote us a very touching letter which I may share if and when I figure out how. I have already posted it on English Lesson Online and Offline on Facebook if you are curious to see it.

I've spent the afternoon working on the tour of Walthamstow which is taking place this Saturday, March 2nd. Our meeting place is Shelborne Road entrance from the Walthamstow Central Station and it is at noon we are meeting there. It's going to be fun!

Summary of the day - Good things that happened:

We all enjoyed my lesson!

The new student gave me a wonderful written feedback!

My bicycle got repaired!

Lovely neighbours treated us to some angel wings!

Unexpectedly, we had some Polish doughnuts given by complete strangers on Fat Thursday!

I spoke to my family scattered around the globe!

Life is good!

Saturday 16 February 2019

Yerevan Cascade in pictures

Today I've been looking at some pictures from Armenia and I thought you might like to see a few as well. We arrived in Yerevan at night and got into our accommodation around midnight. The next day, although very cold, was sunny and we spend it exploring the capital city. Late in the afternoon we went to the top of the giant stairway called The Cascade. It was designed during the Soviet rule. 'Inside the Cascade, underneath the exterior steps, are seven escalators that rise along the length of the complex. There are also exhibit halls connected to some of the landings along the escalators which compose the Cafesjian Museum of Art.
The exterior of The Cascade features multiple levels adorned with fountains and modernist sculptures from the Cafesjian collection. The stairs afford walkers unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat. At the base of the Cascade is a garden courtyard with statues by contemporary sculptors such as Botero.', says Dear Wiki.
Mount Ararat in the distance
Yerevan Cascade, you can climb the stairs outside or use the elevators inside.
Yerevan and Mount Ararat from The Cascade, on the way to the top

Still a long way to go to the obelisk Monument to 50 Years of Soviet Armenia

Monument to 50 Years of Soviet Armenia

The Cascade houses The Cafesjian Center for the Art  and is well worth a visit. Its founder, businessman, philantropist and art collector, Gerard Cafesjian, was not an ordinary man. Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Armenian parents who escaped the Armenian Genocide in 1915, he achieved a lot in his life and helped others, especially his nation, a great deal.


Inside The Cascade renovated by Gerard Cafesjian 

Fernand Botero's 'Smoking Woman' under the tree in Yerevan.

When I was a schoolgirl, I collected sets of postcards, especially those of famous paintings. One of my favourite sets was that of Ivan Aivazovsky's works. I am not sure if 'Descent from Noah from Ararat' was among them.

Join the next two walks and talks!

Hello! How are you? I haven't been posting as much as in the past. Busy doing what I love and what I love less in order to do more of what I love. Let's meet in person and we can talk more then.
May I invite you to the next two walks with the Ealing Walking Talking and Exploring Group?

Talking & Exploring: Upcoming Tours, £10 pp ea. ­­

WHERE CHISWICK MEETS HAMMERSMITH, Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Meet at Stamford Brook Station at noon on Saturday, 23rd February, for a walk towards the Thames through the tranquil St Peter's Square and past St Peter's Church with an intriguing sculpture outside. Enjoy the stroll along The Thames taking in the views and spotting blue plaques before visiting William Morris House. Next, take in more river views and walk back through a subway to look at the Hammersmith and Fulham Town Hall and Registry Office with its River God, The Quaker Meeting House and the site of a cinema.  When in King's Street, we will see more and finish by exploring The Polish Cultural and Social Association (POSK) and relaxing there. We can seat and talk over some traditional Polish food at the cafe or restaurant at POSK!

The Dove,  historicThames-side pub like no other

 LET US GO TO WALTHAMSTOW! Saturday, March 2nd 2019

Meet at 12 noon at Walthamstow Central Station for a stroll through the market, taking in the famous Pie and Mash shop. If you are hungry you can grab some lunch there or nearby. We will arrive at the William Morris House and Gallery around 1pm to see the permanent collection, as well as temporary exhibitions including the Chinese Cultural Revolution Posters. We will continue our tour with a visit to the Old Walthamstow Village, where we will see the Vestry House Museum, the 13th century St Mary’s Church and the timber-framed Ancient House dating back to the 15th century. On our way back to the station we will call at God’s Own Junkyard and we expect the tour to finish at around 5pm. 
At God's Own Junkyard
Which London places have you been to recently? Which ones are you planning to go to?