Friday, 30 November 2018

Lower Place changing face

My next walk for the Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation is tomorrow is fully booked! It helps that it's free and publicised by the Mayor of London organisation!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Walk and talk with me!

There is beauty in old trees!
Hope you are well and that you will be interested to read my news. It's been a while. 

You may know I offer relaxing, informative and entertaining walks around different areas of London, especially of the borough of Ealing where I live.

For today, Sunday 25 November, I arranged a 2-hour walk from South Ealing Station which celebrates the local Polish connections. 2018 marks 100 years of Polish independence and I can tell you more about my home country and why so many Poles chose Ealing as their second home. We can stop by at the excellent L'oro di Napoli restaurant after the tour or take advantage of a half-price offer of tea, coffee or hot chocolate at the Five Sisters Coffee Shop.  The walks usually cost £10 pp, children come free but you look after them! 
Medical Aid For Poland charity shop 

Mr Mleczko opened his first shop in Shepherds Bush years ago and now his sons keep expanding the family business.

I don't think many people will recognise this interior 

Also, I would like to announce my next free OPDC walks. If you wish to attend, you need to register via Eventbrite: . The other, 12 December walk of former Guinness Works, will be announced shortly.

Moreover, next Wednesday 28 December, at 11 am you can meet me at Ealing Common Station for a visit to the Polish Underground Archives which until not so long ago were a real secret!

On December 9th, Sunday, the meeting place is West Acton Station to explore the GWR estate and meet the vicar of St Gabriel's Church for a chat about the church, its history and architecture. There is hope for tea or coffee and a biscuit!:-) I love so much about this church, especially its history, the congregation and the blue painting which I'd love to show you!
Conway Pharmacy in West Acton 

North Acton Playing Fields

December 16th means meeting in a secret location (Private Message me for details) to explore another area of Acton on the way to Christmas Carol service at St Dunstan's, East Acton in the evening.

I am also arranging a walk from North Acton Station to visit KOLBE HOUSE in Hanger Lane (more Polish connections). This has to be on a weekday. If you are interested, please pm me.

If you have friends or relations visiting, feel like some sightseeing with a difference or would like to walk and/or talk, maybe learning English at the same time, just contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from or meeting you soon!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Nepali connection

Yesterday's Nepalese dinner was very traditional and we had a lovely time with the befriended family from Nepal, three generations of them. Harry, who is a maths teacher and a yogin, told us about his government job in the jungle in North India teaching at school to indigenous children for one year. His predecessor had been killed by some angry locals! The chief or king of the village commanded 15 or twenty, can't remember, armed people to guard Harry's house every night! Those people don't (or didn't then) wear clothes at all and live very simple lives. They eat lots of raw foods and know everything about the jungle.

I didn't take pictures yesterday. Instead, you can see a few from Nepal. Enjoy!
Nepali dinner
Nepali coffee

Exploring Nepal

Wedding ceremony in Kathmandu
Traditional Nepali wedding

Gunnersbury Park and Museum revamped

 First, I cycled around the re-done Gunnersbury Park. It felt good to be there again. The museum was not yet open but I could see the building. It felt soulless and un-authentic. Unfortunately, a visit to the museum disappointed me as well. Maybe I need to go again to warm to it?

On entering the building I was threatened but this light precariously balanced above the reception area which now looks like any other souvenir shop in any other recently re-done touristy places. It's become like yet another UK high street or a shopping mall. Soulless. Actually, it's not that I dislike this hanging lamp/illuminated wire/ strange neon as if from God's Own Junkyard in Walhamstow. I wonder if it was at all inspired by the huge structure hanging above you as you enter the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

North of Churchfield Road, W3 in pictures

Enjoy the pictures I took in December 2017!

Acton Central, January 2017

Let me take you on a walk of last year's Acton Central.

 The street below leeds to another busy building site.

 If you enter the Baptist Church and look back, that's what you'll see acroos the street. This part of Acton, like the neighbouring South Acton Estate has a large population from Somalia and other African countries. I used to enjoy delicious tea with a bit of hot milk at a small cafe opposite run by a woman from Eritrea. Then, after a while, it turned out the cafe was replaced by a barber. I

 Library for Iranian Studies is one of the places to visit in Acton Central. Did you know?

 If you look ahead, past the Kings Head, you will see the tower of the former Fire Station and then the 1970s style Acton Police Station building. More or less opposite the police station, in front of the Babylon Pizza you need to look at the pavement. Write in the comments to say what you could see there.
 A year later, earlier this month we visited St Mary's Church, Acton, with Father Nick Johnes. He joined us on a visit to the Iranian Library beforehand. That day it was pouring cats and dogs, unlike last year when I took these pictures.
 I loved meeting this lady who always carries the bunny to cheer up little children if needed.
A view from North Acton Pavilion, a great local venue, available for hire, on a sunny day in January captured my eye while I was volunteering with ARTification.