Thursday, 3 August 2017

Exploring North Acton on 9 August 2017!

Are you joining the Exploring North Acton tour next Wednesday?
If so, you can sign up via Meetup, Facebook or Eventbrite! :-)

On hearing about this tour, many people were asking me: Why North Acton? What's the point? Who'd like to go there? Well, indeed, it's not a first, second or even third rank attraction, especially in a place like London, but that's the whole point. Everywhere is somewhere to see, to visit, to learn, to find out about, to meet people and to simply be together in real time and space. These tours are not just about the usual sightseeing, they are about togetherness, adventure and openness to the unexpected.
I'm finding out more and more about the North Acton area and it's fascinating to share this knowledge with others and to learn from them. The tour can prompt us to discuss other topics, to learn about one another, what we do and if we can cooperate in this way or the other if we choose to. Anyway, I can't wait to meet you on the day. Mind you, we won't go everywhere on our walk. This is simply impossible to do in a couple of hours, but it's great to share some interesting bits as we come across them.
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You know, there is a grave at North Acton Cemetery I am going to find one day and say a prayer/ pay respect to this eminent lawyer from Sierra Leone whose parents were rescued from slavery! His is one of the four famous people's graves recommended on the information boards by the entrances. Together with Anthony we've been trying to locate the graves and this is the last one on our list. Surely, every life deserves recognition, so many go through this world unnoticed, doing quietly what they need, have to and sometimes are privileged or bold enough to chose to do. RIP to everyone gone so far!
Big thanks to Mr #JeffreyGreen for his excellent source of information. A comment under his post led me to Sir Samuel Lewis descendants, I've just reached out to them and waiting for response!

After arranging the tour date with Alex of the Cowork Hub, where we are meeting at 2 pm next Wednesday for the tour, I went around the area to find out who would like to see us. I saw and learnt so much, but that's not all! I bought some freshly baked party snacks at a well established Lebanese bakery and ate them on the spot while chatting to the friendly bakers and watching them work and serve customers. Then I was amazed at the selection of sweets and cakes of all sorts: French and Middle Eastern at Mr M. Fakhouri's Patisserie who didn't let me leave until I agreed to accept a box of his lovely rich cakes. We later shared them with our neighbours in the garden.

I need to finish now, Dear Reader, but please go to the Meetup link to find out more about this tour and... see you Wednesday? :-)

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