Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Acton Central, January 2017

Let me take you on a walk of last year's Acton Central.

 The street below leeds to another busy building site.

 If you enter the Baptist Church and look back, that's what you'll see acroos the street. This part of Acton, like the neighbouring South Acton Estate has a large population from Somalia and other African countries. I used to enjoy delicious tea with a bit of hot milk at a small cafe opposite run by a woman from Eritrea. Then, after a while, it turned out the cafe was replaced by a barber. I

 Library for Iranian Studies is one of the places to visit in Acton Central. Did you know?

 If you look ahead, past the Kings Head, you will see the tower of the former Fire Station and then the 1970s style Acton Police Station building. More or less opposite the police station, in front of the Babylon Pizza you need to look at the pavement. Write in the comments to say what you could see there.
 A year later, earlier this month we visited St Mary's Church, Acton, with Father Nick Johnes. He joined us on a visit to the Iranian Library beforehand. That day it was pouring cats and dogs, unlike last year when I took these pictures.
 I loved meeting this lady who always carries the bunny to cheer up little children if needed.
A view from North Acton Pavilion, a great local venue, available for hire, on a sunny day in January captured my eye while I was volunteering with ARTification.

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