Saturday, 15 October 2016

A polypore neighbour

 The first time I saw this big polypore was when I was cycling from home. It grows on the first tree as I turn left heading for the High Street. It was cloudy that day so the pictures were a bit gloomy. I keep looking at it every time I go by, but I only stopped again on the way home when it was sunny. I think it's grown bigger. Funnily enough, when my neighbour's young daughter saw it on my Facebook that first evening when I spotted it, she and her mother ventured there after 8pm, when it was dark. So curious was the girl to see it. They didn't though. Too dark it was. They never noticed it despite the fact that the tree is only five minutes' walk from our place. Oh, of course, I can go on about the time I 'discovered' the shroom, stopped the bike, kept taking pictures, drew the interest of a passing by mother with two young kids and chatted with them and nearly got knocked over by another woman and a young boy, both on bikes...

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