Tuesday, 25 April 2017

From Acton to Hanwell

Tuesday in Acton and Hanwell went according to plan, I even managed to fit in more into the itinerary with the result of being rather exhausted at the end of the day and with aching knees. One needs to be careful, I reminded myself, and you too, Dear Reader.
I am at the mercy of my companions as to photographic documentation though. My phone camera is still on strike. I did find a way to take an emergency shot via Facebook, but it means it goes viral straightaway.

If you saw two women on bikes between Acton Central and Hanwell, it was me and my new friend from very far away. We cycled together to the starting point of our walking and talking tour of Hanwell, straight after a conversation class at the Oaktree Centre in South Acton. It was a sight, the two of us on bikes! I, the taller one,  on a bigger and faster bike could be seen  going first at higher speed and she was a peddling as fast as she could, but always far behind me. So I had to be stopping and waiting for her now and again. But we finally made it to the destination and even had the time to catch a breath and have something to drink. That's efficiency!

Well, Dear Reader, I'd love to tell you more but there is no time. Good night!

Instead, a few days later I can share with you a few pictures taken in Hanwell by one of the participants:
Hanwell Library
To look at the Hermitage on a sunny day like is a treat in itself, but there are many other pretty sights including the Hanwell Zoo and Millennium Maze.
The Hermitage

No car outside the Hermitage. What luck!

St Mary's Hanwell in disguise 
A different name for a day or two

Viaduct in Hanwell
 Leaving Bunny Park, the church and the Hermitage behind, we walked under the viaduct, across the meadow and back towards the Lifeline Centre. Two of us went to a Polish restaurant called BAWARO and had some nourishing food there before heading home
Wharncliffe Viaduct
Thank you for reading this!

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