Tuesday, 20 June 2017

To Athena's with a Thai taxi driver

Those who know me are used to seeing me on a bike on the daily basis. Not since Sunday when I got a puncture and with the feet covered in painful blisters and sores (side-effects of a lovely heatwave), I am forced to use a taxi when the public transport doesn't stretch to my door.

Today I needed to get to the Duke of Kent, a proper English pub in Scotch Common, a stone throw from Pitshanger Lane. I booked the taxi in advance, which is a wise option , Dear Reader, I can assure you.. The car arrived on time and what a pleasant chat we had with the driver on the way!  He is from Thailand which surprised me, because I somehow expect Thai people to be not very tall and rather lean. This man is tall and well built. He speaks very good English. No wonder, he came to the UK when he was in his teens. Now he is a family man. His children are both at local schools. The wife put her career on hook to look after the family properly. It didn't seem to work well to have nannies and babysitters. I liked a lot the man's views that we should cherish our cultural background rather than try to hide it as some do. He meant my compatriots. In his experience, many Polish people try to erase their roots as soon as they can and try to become even more English than the English themselves. Well, it takes all sorts! :-)

It felt good to arrive early at my very first  Athena networking event which turned out a pleasant experience.

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