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28 October - Pre- Halloween West Ealing Walk

West Ealing south-east side to London’s oldest allotments

 Here comes another unique and exciting tour! This time I will lead you to the oldest allotments in London which have already lost a lot of their land to houses and now more of it is in danger. We need to help save them. There must be other solutions to housing problems. Our crowded city needs lungs to breathe!

We meet at West Ealing Station on Saturday, 28th October at 1.30 pm and finish the tour at the allotments after 3.30 pm. 
Saturday,      28th October
1.30-3.30pm +

You will hear about the vast gardens and orchards of London in this area, the pony races  and donkey rides on Ealing Dean and see a colourful Hindu Temple 

 and St John's Church which lost its original steeple. You can see it in the distance here:

A distinguished local jeweller will also get a mention:

 I will tell you about the hospitals, cinema and department stores that used to be here and about the man who wrote a book about his childhood in the area during WW2 and another about his football years and a Cold War visit with his team to Moscow.  

After two hours of walking, talking and exploring, we will arrive at the Northfields Allotments in time to take part in their special Halloween event if you wish so. I'm sure, like on their Open Day in the summer, there will be some delicious snacks, cakes and biscuits and drinks on offer to give us this well- deserved energy boost. Here's what to expect: 'Amongst other ghoulish treats, there will be a barbeque, beer and mulled wine, face painting and tea and cakes. There will be a raffle and tombola too.'

While there, we can meet and chat to the people who take pride in their gardening accomplishments 
Christina, Chairman of Ealing Dean Allotments Association, with her flowers, while showing me the allotments
 and campaign to save the allotments; and we will see what there is, including an old air-raid shelter from the war. 

If you are in a hurry, after a quick look at this oasis of cultivated green in Ealing,you can walk back to West Ealing Railway Station, continue to Northfields Underground Station or take one of many local buses from Northfields Avenue or the Uxbridge Road. Or, if you have the time to spare, stay for the Halloween event at the allotments.                                                                                                                          

Each tour costs £10 per person and children come free but parents’ responsibility. You can also bring along well-behaved pets.  Join us on Facebook or/and Meetup group Ealing Walking Talking and Exploring Group or contact Joanna Dudzinska at to sign up for the tour and for more information.

I took these pictures at the beginning on October. It was a cloudy day. What can you do? Simply enjoy them and I hope to see you this Saturday.

One of the oldest trees
Can you spot it on Saturday?

Northfields Allotments' ecological toilet

What a roof!

Could it be a buried bed?;-) 

How appetising!

Preparations for the Pumpkin Trail!


 Dear Reader and Looker, If you managed to get to this point, please kindly let me know in the comments! It doesn't often happen! Have a great day or night!;-)

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