Monday, 30 October 2017

To Recycled Future and art of troubled people, Sunday 5.11.17.

Hello Dear Reader,

Don't miss our next Sunday outing!

We go to see two free exhibitions at South Bank! You are welcome to join in. There will be no fee for this tour, just a donation if you've enjoyed it. Any questions, I'm happy to answer. Time and meeting place to be announced shortly.

Here is an invitation to one of the events from Oskar OK Krajewski:

'Dear all, please feel free to come and enjoy the show this week! If can, please bring some unwanted items you will never use again- I'll make sculptures out of it! More info here hope to see you all there! Thanks, Oskar
Events — Art Of OK
I’d like to invite you to my latest show: ‘Recycled Future – Dynamic Art Exhibition 3’ Where: gallery@oxo.When: 1-5 November, 2017. 11am-8pm. Tickets: FREE ENTRY. Flyer: Download exhibition flyer. More about my art:

Can't wait to see it and meet Oskar in person.

The second exhibition is: 'Inside: Art of offenders, secure patients and detainees' at Royal Festival Hall. It's curated by Anthony Gormley, a renowned artist. He said:
'..It’s a very sad thing if we think that art can only be found in art galleries and museums'

Please make sure you allocate well more than two hours to gives us all a lot of time to enjoy the exhibitions and the area.

Let me know if you are interested. I'll publish when and where soon.

Wishing us all a great week!

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