Thursday, 22 September 2016

Each and every day busy

There is no way I can keep up with the blog now. So many things happen all the time, so many people's paths cross with mine. Sometimes we walk together a bit and then go our separate ways.
I came back home today eager to tell you about the nice morning conversation class with four mothers attending, two of them with little boys. The Lebanese lady brought me a biscuit. I took it home and  I had it with some black tea at my desk in the sun. The sun had come out as I was nearing home after some tasty |African street food at Acton Market. The downpour came when I was having the fish with some veggie stew, fried plantain slices and rice. The couple who run the stall come from two different African countries and work really hard to get this new business going. Respect, Mama Consuelo and Mike! :-)Actually, they told me they are looking for someone to help them at the stall. They cannot pay much at the moment, but it's still paid work plus breakfast and lunch on them.

The pace of life is so different in places like Jamaica. My friend has come back from there after a fortnight holiday in his home country. It was so nice to listen to him telling him about his visit. He was brought up by his grandparents untill his teens when he joined his parents in London. Only then did he meet his younger siblings.

I must dash, Dear Reader, as I'm heading for the Ealing Central Library to attend a talk by Mr Grzegorz Szlachetko who wrote a book about his mother's life. The lady, born in Poland, fought in the Warsaw Uprisng, was taken prisoner by the Nazi Germans and met the love of her life when the Polish soldiers came to free camp. Then they lost touch, but he found her in England, they got married and built their life here not being able to go back to Poland.

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