Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Model Cottages between West Ealing and Northfields

Sorting out my pictures I came across the ones I took one sunny day in April on the way to Hanwell avoiding the main road. They show a rather secluded area between West Ealing and Northfields.

I'm posting them to show the area where you can see the so called 'MODEL COTTAGES'. You can read about them if you zoom in one of the pictures.
 The wall separating the path from the back gardens facing the allotments totally surprised me. It wasn't so colourful in the past.
 I wonder if the people who live behind this wall sometimes come to this side to look at it.
 On a sunny day the view was nice if you looked ahead as well.
 And then I had to look back before I got onto my bike again. I must say I was worried about my tires. There was lots of broken glass on the path.
 And here I came to the Model Cottages!

 The tiny terraced  houses face these allotments.

 Here you can read about the cottages, not only the metal railings or you can click on this link and not only read more, but also see some old pictures.

 This shop was new to me as I don't often cycle this way.
 Can you see a traditional pub in the distance? I have a story to tell about it, but let me leave it for another day or maybe a walking and talking tour?
From here I cycled on to Hanwell, still avoiding the busy main road.

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