Friday, 5 May 2017

The Globe Theatre and around

We approached The Globe via the Millennium Bridge and pictures of St Paul's Cathedral behind us and Tate Modern in front would be much nicer if the weather were sunny. However, as it is England, you cannot really complain, can you?


Lots of people come to see the most famous Elizabethan theatre. You may need to queue to get the timed tickets and then wait for your guided tour to begin.

It was raining when our tour started and we all were glad not to be made of sugar!

The guide was informative and fun, credits to him!

After the tour we returned to the exhibition area to have a good look.

The London skyline is getting richer south of the river too: 

 I was going back the way I came and took another picture of Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece in the distance.
The present temple is not the first one in this location. It's predecessor, destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666, witnessed a mass riot protesting against foreigners living in London on May 1st, 1517. You can read about it on Ian's blog, and don't miss the comments. Makes you ponder over humanity.

The picture with a teddy bear is to tell you (or remind you), Dear Reader, that in Acton, where I live, there was a factory that produced soft toys and it is where the famous Winnie the Pooh was born!
Acton is in West London and if you like, you can join my tour next Saturday, May 13th, to explore this lesser known part of  London.

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