Friday, 14 July 2017

About Poles in Britain at Ben Uri Gallery

Having missed the exhibition opening, I was determined to make it to the talk last night and to see the works as well. My friend, on hearing that I was going to cycle there from Acton, insisted on driving me. Besides, he also wanted to go there. On hearing that, I offered another friend to join us. She was unsure and I couldn't get hold of her when it was time to leave. Thus the two of us resumed to set off as early as we could knowing the traffic in London all too well. We arrived just in time to grab a glass, glance at the pictures and sit down to listen to the Polish Press Agency journalist in UK, Jakub Krupa's talk: 'All You Ever Wanted to Know About But Were Afraid To Ask'. :Not a bad topic, isn't it? The presentation was really good and so was the Q&R time afterwards. And the exhibition? Absolutely mind-blowing! We are going to see it again, that's for sure!

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