Thursday, 13 July 2017

Explore North Acton on Wednesday, August 9th

Have you ever thought of exploring the area of  North Acton, part of each overlaps with the industrial zone known as Park Royal? 

If not, the time is right to consider this possibility.

I am pleased to announce the Exploring North Acton tour!

Here are the details:

  • When? Wednesday, August 9, 2017 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Where? Cowork Hub,
    98 Victoria Rd, London NW10 6NB, North Acton, London 
  • Let's meet at the Cowork Hub reception. Our walk will end at the Castle Pub nearby.It is a tour with a difference! Come to explore North Acton if you work or live in the area and do not venture much further than your own workplace or home, but also come if you are from afar!
  • We  will be walking round the eastern part of the Park Royal industrial area, known in the past for its light engineering work places, especially cars. The area was once called ‘motor town’. The street names of famous cars remain but the industries, as everywhere, are changing. Food companies are plentiful in the area now, along with a strong Middle Eastern/Lebanese presence.
    We will start from the Cowork Hub, a place where many new companies can share office space and where you can learn about business. Then we will walk around the surrounding roads visiting Jack Wills, a modern UK clothes company supporting charitable causes,
    the Oriental Carpet Centre, which includes a number of such companies,

    a Lebanese Bakery, a French and Middle Eastern Patisserie owned by a very kind and generous Mr Fakhouri (you might be very tempted to sample some!), the Torpedo factory (now AV Equipment but was it a torpedo factory long ago?),
    maybe also the West London Art Factory (before they move to the new premises) and North Acton Cemetery where the first British pilot to fly upside down rests.
    Well, it would be great to find the time to examine this engine
    as well as the former Elisabeth Arden’s Perfume Works, once Elvis Costello’s workplace too, wouldn’t it?
    The cemetery is an oasis of greenery and tranquility in this part of North Acton.

    Frankly, that is all probably too much in two hours and we could easily get stuck in the Patisserie (!).

    Nevertheless, wherever we get to, we will then make for the Castle Pub to conclude our little journey and to be merry.:-) The pub is a short walk from the North Acton Station on the Central Line and there are many buses that can take you to various places.  Just check the TFL Journey Planner.:-)
    Do come and join us. The trip is planned but what happens during it is very much up to us. We have a route, there are people waiting to see us, but who knows how long everything will take. It’s not about doing everything, more about meeting each other and following our interests on the way.
    The tour costs £10 and children can come free but your responsibility.
    Also remember to dress appropriately, depending on the weather forecast and beware of the various vehicles and machinery 'at large'.;-)

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