Monday, 31 July 2017

From a tour of Pitshanger to Young Living

When I last saw my friend Magda,  I learnt from her about yet another positive outcome of my walking and talking tours. She met Ola from Poland on our walk from Ealing Broadway to Pitshanger Lane earlier this year. Ola had come to visit me in London the day before and for both of them it was the first sightseeing with me. During our walk, after everyone introduced themselves to others, we chatted with one another and this is how the ladies found out they share an interest in massage therapies.Ola is a qualified and experienced massage therapist while Magda is studying to become a reflexologist. They had a lot to talk about. As a result Magda booked a session with Ola to try her fascial release treatment and thus discovered really good essential oils Ola uses. Every massage needs oil, sometimes more than one, as we know. Anyway, this is how Magda found out about the Young Living Essential Oils which Ola buys online. And read on! Here is something interesting! When Magda went online, she discovered that the main distribution Young Living centre for Europe is in Chiswick, near where she lives! It actually is in Chiswick Business Park, an interesting location itself.

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