Thursday, 24 November 2016

First outcome of my walking and talking tours!

They say find the job that you actually enjoy doing and you can earn your daily bread, and you will never feel unhappy about having to work.

Well, if I could do the walking and talking tours for a living, I think this saying would prove right for me. I have only started them, but there have been many years of hard work that have brought me to this point. It's hard to rival the sense of sheer joy that I experience while introducing and getting to know people, taking them places, telling stories and allowing them space to discover on their own, take pictures, ask questions, interact with one another.

There is no shortage of tours in London, obviously. What makes mine different?

  • They are passion guided.
  •  They take you places and show things you wouldn't notice even if you've lived there all your life.
  • They give you opportunities to practise your conversational English, not just listen to the guide.
  • They enable you to share your knowledge and experience with others.
  • They don't have a fixed route, each one of the tours is unique.
  • They enable you to meet new people and even make friends.
  • They are great for networking.
  • They help you get to know some useful facts about GB, it's present, past, culture and customs.
  • They are affordable.
  • They can positively change you.
  • They open doors to artists' studios and homes. 
Can you believe that my tour participant has found a job on one of our tours?  I am very happy, and so is he and his employers!:-) I popped in there yesterday and saw some impressive work in progress:


Come to this Saturday, 26.11.2016. tour and check it out for yourself or ask me about the next one.  Click here for details.

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