Thursday, 10 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday and a Chiswick walk & talk

Remembrance Day approaching, you may want to see a play, watch a movie or read a story, all to do with the armed conflicts where ordinary people suffer on each and every side. I'm going to The Trade Union Theatre this Saturday to see the play described in the link above. It's good to go downstairs to the pub afterwards and talk to the people, including the actors.
The film revisits the horrors of Auschvitz Concentration Camp...
And the story comes from my new FB friend's blog and is about her brave uncle who was a bomber pilot.  The war ended  his life when it it was just beginning.

 'On the night of 8 April 1942 my uncle and the rest of the crew of Wellington x3757 clambered into their plane and started their preflight checks. At 22.05 they thundered down the runaway at RAF Feltwell and took off into the night for a raid on Hamburg. That was the last that anyone heard from x3757.'
'My uncle was only 20. The rear gunner on the plane was 19, having lied about his name and dob to sign up. the others ranged from 22-24, with the pilot being 28. The pilot and the observer were both RNZAF volunteers, the rest were RAFVR.'

However, this Sunday I'm offering a walk and talk in Chiswick. Here is what you may want to know about it:

Going over the border, to Chiswick
Or To see Carrie’s work

This tour will take us to Chiswick (the source of Weak Cheese which they used to wrap in oak leaves from neighbouring Acton to make it mature;-) ). However, we will concentrate on seeing a current exhibition of our proud to be Actonian (like me now, mind you), Carrie Reichardt! Of course, we won't turn our heads the other way going past all the picture-postcard pretty sights of the idyllic Chiswick Village. We will stop by William Hogarth's statue with his pug to ponder over his possible reaction to the way the world is going now.  We may not resist going into The Old Cinema. Something else is on show there these days. There will be many more sights to look at and photograph, many topics to discuss and a lot of fun to be had. It costs £10 per person, children free, but your resposibility. 
We meet at the Turnham Green Station exit at 11 am this Sunday, 13 November 2016.

More here:
More about our previous and future trips:  on Ealing Walking, Talking and Exploring Group, but that's on... Facebook. Yes, ladies and Gentlemen, you can meet me there rather often. :-)
And for what's up in Ealing:


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