Sunday, 27 November 2016

From walking and talking to singing in public!

I am so pleased to share with you more fruits of the Ealing Walking, Talking and Exploring Group project. 
Now learn about Magdalena Dobrzynska's recital at The Tate South Lambeth Library, some twenty years since her last public appearance, mind you! Her voice is very relaxing and good to listen to and the songs  she chose were mostly new to me. Many were poems by Agata Budzynska, a very talented poetess and singer who died young.
Probably I wouldn't  have met Magda if she hadn't started coming on our tours. Equipped with a good camera, she always takes great pictures, but yesterday she was to be photographed. That's not her only talent. When we became Facebook friends, I heard her sing for friends. Then I thought of  recommending her to Marta Sordyl of Poles Connect who had organised the Lambeth event and invited our group to do the tour in their area. It was so nice to listen to Magda live. My guess is you will be able to see her on stage at POSK next month!:-)

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