Monday, 20 April 2015

First palace El Badi

We looked at my Marroco pictures yesterday. There are loads of them, some good, some not that great, but they all are fantastic reminders of the little details that made the trip so great.
This Morrocan tea seller approached us  when we were leaving the royal thumbs and most eagerly posed for pictures. I gave him a few coins, but didn't want his tea. He got very angry and wanted a small fortune from poor me, I think. What he was yelling, I'm glad I didn't understand, but I had no more coins having already given money to the weaver in his workshop and paid for the public convenience at a hammam (please don't ask me for details of the experience now...).

 Then we found our way to the old palace which has lost most of its glory...
 Caged birds are a frequent sight. Later on, in Fez, we found out about a bird souk.

 The palace courtyard has a large pond in the middle:

 From one of the palace towers it is possible to see the Atlas Mountains:

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