Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sylwia Nadgrodkiewicz - a fairy with tuning forks

An incredibly talented woman from my hometown let me know she is in England at the moment and I am looking forward to seeing her in London in a week or so!

Pls see these clips and you will know why I am so happy about her visit:

(I actually saw this concert at The Town Cultural Centre in Skarzysko and was very impressed.)


Here, in this TV interview,  Sylwia is talking about how she helps people heal using... special tuning forks:

I wish you could understand this interview. It did impress and inspire me. I realised thatit is connected with so many other therapies and ways to make our lives better, more meaningful.
She mentions a film, 'The Geometry of Sound' (Geometria Dzwieku). Now it's on my 'must see' list. As we know, Geometry is the core of the Islamic art and it is linked to sounds and colours, and from there it leads to chakras and mantras, and the flow of energy, and vibrations and the whole universe... Well, I cannot put it all in one sentence. Would you like to learn Polish or have the interview translated? Or shall we talk to Sylwia in English when we get a chance?:-)

I'm dreaming now... If the weather is nice we could meet Sylwia at Duke's Meadows, the venue suggested by Lu Pradere last year!!!:-)

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