Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Marrakesh mellah

Back to work, when will I find the time to write more about the fascinating Morroco trip???

On the way from El Badi Palace (see my yesterday post) we encountered one of the local people who 'just wanted to talk to us and show us the way, because he loves English and the English people and is not at all after money'. Surely, he had to drag us to a shop, but it was rather interesting. We saw many herbs, spices and medicaments and I got persuaded to get some headache remedy to rub in my temples. Worth trying! Our friend was hunging around when we were in the shop. I understand that our purchase in the shop was too small and he had to forget about the friendship and ask for monetary gratification which he did receive. It didn't mean we found ourselves in front of the working synagogue which he had initially promised to lead us to, but we were nearer to it. As soon as he got the money, the man vanished and after a bit of time we reached the destination, were admitted inside, talked briefly to a busy English lady in charge and had a brief encounter with an animal who never parts with his shell (except when the unlucky specimen goes into a soup, I presume...).

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