Friday, 10 March 2017

Another busy ARTification Tuesday

It was all hard work at the North Acton Pavilion last Tuesday. We couldn't even think of stopping to go to lunch. However, our guardian angel and volunteer, Saeeda Akwar, came at just the right time with freshly made, warm and delicious food supplies. Lucky us!

Below you can see Saeeda trying to get engaged with Laura Barker and Ward Scot. Mind you, they look really busy. My seat is empty. Will you guess why, Dear Inquisitive Reader?:-)

Rachel Pepper, the boss, was multitasking as she does:

Sorry, no pictures of the scrumptious pakoras* and icing-less cupcakes were taken. They disappeared very quickly. Once the feast was over, Saeeda put away the dishes cleared of the smallest crumbs and scraps while Rachel kept working.

*Mind you, if you live in Acton and have never tried pakoras, go to the market outside St Mary's Church and get some from a vegetarian food stall! :-)

I think it was Saeeda who brought us a bottle of soft drink. I don't usually drink things like that, but on this occasion I was happy to have it.

This is my thank you picture to our lovely volunteer, Saeeda Anwar, who was nominated our resident chef at ARTification!

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