Thursday, 2 March 2017

Friesian cattle on the Twyford Abbey grounds

Did you know that not that many decades ago you would see Friesian cattle grazing on the grounds of Twyford Abbey and on the grass where now there is a new playground near Park Royal station?
I did read something about it, but today I spoke to a man who can remember it very well. You can meet Frank on Thursday mornings if you go to the local church there. You may quite enjoy studying the bible with him and a few other people. Don't expect crowds!

Twyford Abbey grounds are getting lots of attention after years of neglect. In two years time or so, a private school will open there. However there is a lot of work before that happens because the historic building itself is in terrible condition. I spoke to the men who were putting up a new fence along Twyford Avenue . It borders the pavement, unlike the old one. There will be hedge planted along the fence, I gathered.

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