Saturday, 4 March 2017

When to think outside the box

Think outside the box, but only if you know its contents inside out
A tip to myself

Recently I've seen people sharing quite a lot about 'thinking outside the box'. That's a tricky one in my case. Why? Because most of my life I've taught English at schools, colleges and to groups or employees, interpreted at international events or took people places as a tour guide. The clients were waiting for me, but I couldn't teach the way that I am convinced is the most effective for my students. I had to stick to the tour itineraries which sometimes were unrealistic.  It means now it's a whole new planet to me: marketing, advertising, networking, not to mention the IT and so on. Hence, I would say that for me, I'm doing everything 'outside the box', but it's for a different reason.

However, I strongly believe, and my clients/students/friends tell me so, that the way I teach English and about everything that's English is unique and unparalleled. It is because of who I am.

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Let me help you improve your English, find the ways that work best for you and assist you on your journey.
As you can see, this post is different to the usual ones on my blog. Penny for your thought, Dear Reader! :-)

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